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In 1957 the family Pedrazzini decided to use its beautifully situated ground on the shore as a camping site.The land has been since the nineteenth century in the possession of the family.

Tommaso Franzoni, founder of the Tenero paper factory and great-grandfather of the current co-owners and sisters Tommaso, Giovanni, Loraine and Paolo Pedrazzini, lived at the time in the colonial-design house. It stands next to the current entrance to the camping site.While the great-grandfather was still alive, there was a farm adjacent to the house and the whole area was agricultural ground. 

In 1957 his daughter Maria Pedrazzini-Franzoni had a camping site laid out on the shore of which, according to her son, the architect René Pedrazzini, managed with great enthusiasm until his death in 1996.

For René Pedrazzini it was in those days real pioneering work; nevertheless the camping site was well-known even in those days at European level, not least because of the sanitary facilities and the company won many awards.The camping area became larger and larger. The shore ground which in the beginning was wholly given over to camping was split up in 1989 via a compulsory purchase procedure. The yacht harbour and the sporting facilities of the Minusio local authority are currently located in the northern section. As a replacement there was a new southern section which the family added, after the necessary preparations, to the camping site. Prior to the year 1989 the Campeggio Lido Mappo had almost 600 sites but during the following years this number was reduced to 481 through restructuring, new construction and an increase in the size of the sites. Of these, there are currently 61 sites for permanent tenants.

In 1996, after the death of René Pedrazzini, his four children became co-owners of the family firm. They took over the management of the camping site.Tommaso and Giovanni are in charge of the Campeggio Lido Mappo and Paolo has primarily followed in the footsteps of his father in the architectural profession.

Paolo manages the structural aspects and the house style of the Lido Mappo. Loraine as a housewife and mother can be found on the camping site in the event of an emergency or if there are joint decisions to be taken which, by the way, may take the form of major renovation plans and modernisation work which is planned for the coming years. The intention is for the guest in Lido Mappo to be offered even more in the way of lifestyle and spirit of the times as well as modern facilities and comfort. Let yourself be surprised... 

The camping site will continue its family company tradition into the future with a large number of regular guests and offering, on the shores of Lago Maggiore, a unique combination of Mediterranean flair, Italian ambience, dolce vita and recreation...

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