The Pedrazzini family and the Lido Mappo team extend a hearty welcome to you. We are glad you have taken the time to go on a (virtual) camping trip to the Lido Mappo…

In this section you will find what you need to know about the camping site and the facilities for recreation and leisure which our holiday accommodation have to offer.

Our regular customers have known it for years: the location of the Campeggio Lido Mappo, a five-star camping site and a trusted family company, is not only a declaration of love for the landscape. Situated right on the shores of Lago Maggiore, the deep blue water of the lake reflects the magic and unique beauty of Ticino; the rolling green hills and mountains, seething towns with Mediterranean allure and typical Ticino villages which, with their places of interest, traditions and old ways, testify to both the present and the past. 

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